Wednesday, 14 March 2007

JISC Conference 2007

Yesterday was the JISC Conference for 2007. The only thing I hate about conferences is forgetting to put on really comfortable shoes and the getting up really early to travel when they are so close.

However, I really enjoyed the conference. It was nice to catch up with some people that I know, and find out what they are up to, as well as letting them know what I am doing now.

One of the main highlights was to see Tom Loosemore talk about the direction that the BBC are taking with Web 2.0. It has made me think how Web 2.0 could be integrated into WebPA. The first thing though is to work out what Web 2.0 means in terms of the project. The more I have heard people talk about Web 2.0 over the pass couple of years the number of diverse interpretations of what it mean is increasing. As far as I can work out for the project Web 2.0 will not be Ajax, or necessarily semantic. When I work it out I will let you know…

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