Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Over complicating things from the start

Why is it when you start to program something you have all these really good ideas. All I need to do is write a file upload that then takes the contents and adds the information to the database. I could have made it really strict and completed each file upload as an individual task. But no I decided to do it all from one page. This means that the page looks quite good, with the type of file that will be uploaded and a radio button for the type of information that is to be uploaded.

However, this is now giving me a headache! I have made it overly complicated. None of the information is necessarily the same. Two of the groups of data are almost the same so that is fairly easy. I do need to take the final element of data off as it is related to the module and that has to be run as a separate insert. Unless I can find another way around this. Hopefully I will get this completed by the end of the week. The my next task is to plug into the code the authentication for LDAP. I have working files and just need to add them. Once I have done this I will need to write some test plans and then carry out the tests.

For the testing I can’t decide whether to use one of the agile methods for writing the test scripts or to use another method. Some of the story testing looks an interesting way of planning and delivering testing modules such as FIT. For now though I think that I may just stick with simple module tests.

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