Thursday, 30 August 2007

Getting ready for Alt-C

I have run over my presentation with a colleague this morning and I feel only a little more positive about it. In the past I have always written presentations on the fly, ie on my way to the meeting, so this is a real novelty to be really ready. But the test will be on Tuesday at 5 when my slot is.

I have spent some time as well looking at ALT-C 2007 website as well having never been to this conference before. I am struggling to work out what sessions to attend. I think that the first session that I will attend will be the speed workshop. Following that I may pick up on some of the sessions related to one of my biggest interests which is accessibility online. Further on I have no idea what sessions I will attend, but I do know that I will be at the ceilidh and the gala dinner. Any ideas of what to do while at ALT-C would be greatly received.

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