Friday, 21 September 2007

Have I finally stopped talking to myself

Have we a break through, have I finally stopped talking to my self on the JISCmail list? Well it is a possibility, or I have just touched a nurve. For months I have been posting comments and questions to our fledgling community via the JISCmail list I set up for the project as part of the task to develop a CoP (Community of Practise). Unitl reciently everything I posted has gone unanswerd or has been answered off line. That is till I posted something about the feedback mechanism in WebPA.

Although I was aware that the feedback system had been created quickly, and there had been one or two negative experiences with it. However, the community seem to feel strongly about the mechanism and the wording that is used. The conversation is active at so feel free to join in and add your point to the melting pot. I hope that we will get some really good ideas and points from the community that can be added to the project for hopeful inclusion in the open source releases of WebPA.

If you don't want to join the conversation you can email me directly or add your feature request to the source forge [] area for the project.

I will let you know how our CoP (community of practice) developes and the tools that we are using, but for the moment I will chalk this down as a sucess!

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