Thursday, 1 November 2007

Demonstrator Launched

As a project we have assimilated a lot of the information about open source projects and how to be one, from all sources that can be found and in particular those at OSS-Watch. One piece of advice we where given was to make a demonstrator and make it available to potential users to see what the software is about. Well this was realised at the end of October. Within this first week we have had a phenomenal response.

Firstly, Ross from OSS-Watch sent out a very nice comment to the projects JISCmail list, stating that this is a significant step for community development. Secondly, the statistics that are being gathered about the visitors to the site are looking incredible. Already, there are visitors from the UK and the most interesting are the visitors from further afield. It appears that we are getting global interest already. (Not bad for a little JISC funded project with 2 full time staff and another who contributes 1/2 a day a week.)

I hope this has a knock on effect for out fledgling community, by attracting more members. Only time will tell though. But for now I think that all those people who have helped the project get this far, deserve a pat on the back!

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