Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Talk about TV eating itself

Maybe I was wrong. One of the first talks was about who and why communication is occurring. This covered the dissemination of project information and to view this as a strategic action to ensure the information is reaching the planned, targeted and correct audience. By being strategic we can ensure that we raising awareness of our project as well as encourage implementation and take up of our project.

Talk about TV eating itself, well this is blogging eating itself. One element that was discussed was the feedback mechanism for blogs. I really like having the feedback feature as it allows me to let people interested in the WebPA project follow what I am doing, but also receive feedback from those who have gone through similar things. I also use the blog to let people know what I think about events I am attending or have attended, hence, this entry. What I did not expect was to be part of the talk/ presentation on blogs and RSS feeds.

A lot of interesting conversations have occurred, orientated around the process of blogs. It has been interesting in getting the opinions of the people in the room, to see how they are using, or intending to use blogs. However, the general consensus is that blogs are useful if used correctly. This conclusion has been carefully orchestrated by the presenters, in that the attendees are encouraged to consider both sides.

During the day we also covered; podcasts, wikis and social networking sites. It was also interesting to see the tools and options that are available, as well as discuss how they can be used. Some of the comments about the tools where really valuable. One comment that stuck was about there being a variety of tools available and finding that not everyone has access to the same tools. But personal preference rules, and you can not force anyone into using anything.

Has the event been what I expected yesterday, well... yes and no... what do I mean, well I haven't learnt anything that I didn't already know. But it has been worthwhile in being able to explore other issue that I had not considered. I still think that the title is misleading and does not really describe what you gain from the day. Perhaps this is due to concepts of what Netskills do... but the it was quite refreshing that the day was not technical, about how you install the tools, more about how to use the tools and use them both appropriately and well.

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