Thursday, 6 March 2008

M1/M69 workshop

This afternoon the WebPA project are running a workshop for the UK institutions in the M1/M69 group. Although other institutions are able to attend as usual with the work shop being a Loughborough the bias on the make up of the group is predominantly tutors from here. But we are encouraged that there are also tutors from other institutions who are also attending.

I will be interested in finding out from those academics attending from other institutions the following information;
  • Do you think that WebPA will be a tool that can be used in your institution.
  • Do you think that there will be any difficulties in getting WebPA available in your institution for you to use
  • Can you identify other colleagues that may also be interested in using WebPA at your institution
  • Would you like us to help get WebPA available at your institution
  • Have you any guidelines as to using group work for your department/faculty/institution
  • Are there policys/ guides to assessment within your institution.

Hopefully in getting the response to some of this information will help us build the picture to show the barriers to adoption that exist.

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