Friday, 25 April 2008

Have we met another important milestone...

...following the demo (thanks to OSS-Watch) at the JISC Conference 2008 (15 April), we have now passed the 200 downloads mark. I know that there are some people who will still remind me that by using the stats provided by the sourceforge area we will not get a real picture. I accept this but at the same time, the stats can help us see that in the days following (untill today) we have had 39 downloads of the system. Yes, I hear you say, but don't forget the project svn. Well I haven't, when I looked at this there has been little activity other than me writing files.

This is not the only knock on effect of demonstrating WebPA at the JISC Conference, I can also track, hightened activity on both the project demonstrator, but also on the project website.

This all bodes well for the project and shows that the way in which we have interacted with the wider HE community to date has been benificial. By word of mouth and attending events such as the JISC conference, prospective users are finding out more about the project, and hopefully will become users. In time from these users we may manage to get more input, from this we may even end up with a health self sustaining community. But I think there may be more milestones to tackle before this is reached.

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