Thursday, 19 June 2008

Selecting the right time to release

Today, my main task was to make a new release of the WebPA files. This should be a simple job, but our timing is really off. Just recently Sourceforge have moved their systems to a new data center. Which seems to have had a effect on some of the services that they provide, such as the wiki and the FTP upload for project releases.

This has prompted conversations about reporting on our view of sourceforge and the issues and limitations that we have found with the system. I have in the past written about the 'sourceforge' effect and perceived views and values of the system, which in a way covers the issues that we are facing at the moment. But with all things in the open source arena, they are providing a free to use service so some give and take needs to be afforded.

For us, this is a glitch that we will just have to cope with for now and hope that they will have the systems over at Sourceforge up and running again really soon.

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