Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Easter approaches... no chocolate yet!

Easter is gaining… and there is so much to do before I can stop for Easter, all be it for only 4 days or so.

In the past week or so, I have been to Hull University for a meeting with Robert. We have managed to get a swim lane based road map laid out, even if it is just as photos at the moment. One of my tasks has to be to get this into a more meaningful manor. As soon as I manage to do that it will be made available through the website.

I have also been reminded of many of the aspect that still need to be sorted in relation to the IPR and open source licence. Hopefully we will get further after a meeting with the Universities IPR office on Thursday. When we have final lift off and everything is sorted I will post all the information to this website.

In the mean time the code writing is still all chugging away in the time in between everything else. For the past two days I have been looking in to getting and LDAP function written. I did think that this would be an uphill struggle. I never realised that it would be so simple. At the moment I have authentication working at Loughborough, only the basic bind with the user name and password. I do want to get a more complex authentication running and to be able to pull back some of the users information that is held in LDAP. The first thing that I have done through is try and find out if the university have a test area I can run everything against.

I have also been quietly trying to design how the administration section for the open source version will run. One of my first points has been to confirm what type of information that will be required about the students for the system. When this is all sorted on paper I will begin making the changes to the database and then begin implementing the code. But all you really care about is when you will be able to access an open source version, even if it is limited in some ways…well it looks like we will be on track for the beginning of the summer still.