Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Juggling too much…

Well since Easter I have not had any time to add more detail to the JISC report which should have been completed for the beginning of April (project month six). Hopefully this will not drag on to long and the rest of the team can get it completed before month seven of the project, as the back bone of the report is in place and all that needs to happen is the addition of some information.
I am also setting up another meeting with the folks at OSS-Watch about Communities within the open source arena. So far everthing is looking set. I have invited some other people to the first half of the meeting related to what communities are and how they can be developed. The second half of the meeting will be for the project only. Hopefully we will be able to develop all the elements that are needed to manage the communities.

With all this going on I can not forget the code. I think that we have sorted out the admin section. The basic functionality has been worked out, elements of the database have been identified for Refactoring. However, work has come to a halt as I do not have access to the database of the server to begin this task. So as with everything at the beginning of a project you can only get so far, and then something halts your progress. I would do this work on the apple laptop, but with everything else I have not had time to set it up properly.

There is more as well. I’m in the middle of trying to finalise the IPR register for this point in the project. Get the Consortium agreement finalised, before it can be passed out to the appropriate persons for signing. As with everything related to agreements and IPR, there is a distinct lack of understanding as to the amount of work that needs to be completed. There is also a distinct lack of understanding as to why this can be so important to the project and its potential success.

Anyway, I’m going off to explore putty so that I can set up the source forge area for the project (more about this later).

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