Saturday, 13 January 2007

Accessibility Testing

I have finished the first lot of accessibility testing today. I had expected to find a large number of issues raise their head and cause lots of the development time to be eaten up, fixing and solving these issues. However, there are very few issues, all of which are really easy to fix, and are related to WCAG 1.0 Level Double A and Triple A rather than the Level A we set out to meet. This does mean that we now have to aim for the next WebPA system to be compliant with WCAG 1.0 Level Double A.

I also looked at how the pages tested against the WCAG 2.0 Draft Guidelines, even after reading Joe Clarke’s attack on the draft. I am amazed that some of the pages that only validate to Level A for WCAG 1.0 will validate to Level 3 for WCAG 2.0, yet others will not validate at all. This may be down to the interpretation of the automated checking tool I used, and my misunderstanding. So for now I think that we will just stick to WCAG 1.0 Level A, while hoping to reach better validation in the future, while keeping one eye on what is happening in the world of WCAG 2.0 (just in case it becomes real!)

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