Wednesday, 17 January 2007

First blog of the series

Well this is my third week on the project, but as I started the last week in December it actually only feels like I have been on the project two weeks. Especially with the break for Christmas.

So far we seem to be moving at a reasonable pace having planned and mapped how the usability and accessibility testing will be carried out. It is hoped that we will get this under way before this month closes.

We have also managed to get some very basic presentations together as an introduction to the project. These are now available on this website if you look under; Project Resources > Presentations. Hopefully we will also be providing a more in-depth PDF that people can download and read in their own time.

Our other major mile stone is getting a JISCmail list. Feel free to sign up to the list so that you can stay-in-touch with the project, but not necessarily get involved. Details on where the list can be found are; About Us > Mailing List. Also don’t for get to check back here every now and again, as I will be putting the progress that we are making available here.

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