Thursday, 1 March 2007

Buzz buzz buzz word!

Although I don’t think that I will ever document the whole of the current version of the WebPA system I have just about got it all worked out. My next step is to sit down with the original developer Paul and work through what I have and identify where the gaps are. But I need to wait until Paul has returned from the land of Jet Lag. In the mean time there is no rest for the wicked.

Straight on to the next task in the work packages. This one is documenting the Service-orientated Architecture (SOA) approach. But as with may areas of IT I feel that I have just fallen off the cliff again and I need to start to learn everything all over again.

The biggest issues that I have with SOA at the moment is the miss understanding of; what SOA is, how SOA works and how SOA is developed. SOA seems to be suffering from “buzz word ism” and has been picked up as a must have by every level within organisations. It is not just that SOA is a buzz word, but that it encompasses further buzz words such as REST, ESB, SOAP etc. Untangling this mess is giving me brain ache, and working out how this all fits in with the project. What is clear is the usefulness of this interoperable practice. There are also clear services that can be applied straight away to the project, which require no thought at all. The straight out the box service we will use if LDAP. All of the other services will have to be road mapped, and allowed to develop with the project.

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