Monday, 8 October 2007

Getting there slowly

I am in the process at the moment of supporting a number of institutions with their own installations of WebPA.

The first institution is well on their way to getting the installation complete. However, I am not to clear on what version/revision of WebPA they are using, so supporting any queries that come in is interesting, as I can not tell if I have previously fixed the problem.

The others are also on their way to getting an installation, which is really exciting. But again, the issues that come through the door are always directed to me, rather than through the WebPAsourceforge area . This leaves me to add the information to the trackers myself. At the moment this is okay, as there are not to many requests. I am encouraging the users to use the sourceforge system, so every time I email back with the solution I endeavor to include tracking information, as well in, the hope that at some point they will use the system.

The other major success that has occurred over the weekend is the number of downloads of WebPA we have had. I released a version of WebPA as a download on Friday 5 October, since then we have had five downloads. To me this is good going, but only time will tell if it is a success.


Ross Gardler said...

Congratulations on rolling out. This is great news.

However, you really should get people into the habit of reporting issues to the community as a whole (yeah OK, so you *are* the community, but that's only where it starts).

I have a standard template in my email client that says, effectively...

Project X is a community led project. I am only one of the members of that community. We use public communication mechanisms to ensure that:

a) the most appropriate community member can address each issue
b) the quality of responses is as high as possible (since they receive peer review)
c) there is a faster response (whoever has the time first will address the issue)
d) there is a record of all issues and their resolution
e) we avoid duplicate requests since you can check the issue tracker for an existing resolution to your problem

Please resubmit your issue via http;//

I *always* send this in response to any request for help. I'll usually put a one sentence personalisation at the start if it is from someone I know saying "sorry but..."

To keep things simple for those submitting ensure you allow anonymous contributions so that people need not register to raise an issue.

Nic said...

Thanks for the commnets, they are really helpful. I have been trying to direct people to the tracker, but I do tend to shoot my self in the foot as I put the answer in the email response back to them. I will give your method ago and see if it makes a difference.