Thursday, 22 November 2007

What can a workshop do

Yesterday the Engineering and Physical Sciences Subject Centres held a work shop on peer assessment and in particular the type of assessment that can be carried out using WebPA.

It was an interesting day for the WebPA project. We have managed to gather more interest in the project, but more importantly we have built up our fledgling community. Our JISC mail list has now increased by a 1/3 over night. We managed to capture new members by asking them to allow us to sign them up to the list.

Some of the feedback from the workshop is positive for both the project and peer assessment in general. Below are my favourite feedback responses that where received at the end of the day;

"Peer marking ideas, drawbacks, possibilities, potential of WebPA to do what I currently do long hand."

"I will introduce peer assessment into project work using the WebPA tool next year."

"Will probably seek to persuade [my institution] to join the WebPA project as a pilot institution."

"Peer assessment has to be the way forward in Higher Education, where 'Full Economic Cost' of courses holds much weight and student to staff ratios are rising rapidly."

Hopefully, we can convert attendees into adopters and in the future they may even become contributors, with some support and persuasion. But, what can a workshop do, in this case a lot for the project...

You can view the past events page on the Engineering Subject Centres website

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