Wednesday, 5 December 2007

The open source mantra

I have been heard to repeat frequently the mantra of "we need to release frequently and often." However as some of you know we have only made a single release so far. I am gearing up to make a release in the new year, the delay is for Christmas, also taking into account the start of the new academic year and other factors.

But this morning, in my daily reading of what is happening in the world and in particular the world of open source I came across this entry posted by Zack Urlocker, where he talks about 'release early, release often' and what they are doing at MySQL with the 'feature previews' . This may be something that WebPA can adopt to ensure that we meet our aims to release frequently, but still ensure that we can release at major mile stones. But before I dive in feet first I will see how they get on at MySQL and if they are successful then we can look at adopting this concept. It may be that the concept will work really well for larger projects but not scale as well for smaller one programmer projects.

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