Friday, 25 January 2008

New Year Update

Well the first month of the new year is almost complete and this will be my first post. Even though this is the third week I have been back, after the holiday session, lots has already happened.

To begin with I attended the CETIS Portfolio and Enterprise SIG meeting, where I had the chance to speak to people who are interested in the use of WebPA. Also with the meeting involving the Portfolio SIG I also had the opportunity to talk about the feedback mechanism which exists in WebPA. Those involved in Portfolio work suggested it may be an idea if this feedback to the student could be linked into Portfolio systems easily. This was a subject which was again raised in the recent project advisory board meeting. Perhaps this can be something for the future development of WebPA.

I have also been trying to reach a point where a new stable release can be made. However, as with all good intentions this has had to be delaied. After I have made a couple of fixes and alterations to the system then I hope to be able to make the release in the next week.

But on more positive notes; our Advisory Board meeting was a sucess. A lot of interesting points where raised and new pointers for some elements of the software where also highlighted.

Also, we have had increasing levels on interest in the WebPA tool. I have been monitoring where the interest has come from and how the parties have reached us. But the best news has been interest in the project from the otherside of the world, all thanks to one of the projects evangelists. I hope to blog a bit more about this later, when I can hopefully reviel more.

In the mean time I hope that this post has given you an insight of what has happened over the brief silent period.

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