Wednesday, 13 February 2008

One innocent little action...

In the run up to christmas I suggested that it would be good for the project to enter the IMS Global Learning Impact Awards. In doing this I landed my self a huge chunk of work in filling out the application. The application was not as straight forward as I had hoped and it even ate into my christmas holiday. But the application went in, with some in put form the WebPA evengelists here at Loughborough and the JISC Cetis Assessment co-ordinator.

The new year came and went. Then at the beginning of Feburary news came in that we had been accepted as a finalist. There were a couple of weeks to decide whether to progress to the finals or not. Now progression has been agreed and in the space of a few days news is already getting around.

Firstly, the Cetis co-ordinator sent an email with congratulations and now JISC are asking for a quote for a press release on how the project feels. Hopefully all this publicity will work for the project and draw in more institutions that will want to use the tool. All in all, not bad for a little open source project, bearly a year old!

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rgardler said...

Fantastic work!

What can I say, congratulations.

And be sure to send that quote to OSs Watch too, I've got a number of WebPa blog items backed up, it looks like you are going to get them all rolled into one mega-item.