Wednesday, 13 August 2008

A quick update before a break

It's August and I have decided like the rest of Europe to take some time off. But this does not mean that the project will stop. Life and development will still be occurring.

Today though, the WebPA project has been held high as an example again. This time rather than from inside the project it came from the Programme manager David down a JISC drumming up support for the UK round of IMS award short lists. I would say that any JISC project should have a go. The reward to the project is phenomenal in terms of credit to the project team and also lead institution.

We are also in the process of writing a paper which will hopefully be accepted into the special issue of the BJET. But only time will tell.

However, when back we will be gearing up to make a new release of the WebPA tool, providing people with enough time to get an installation working before the next semester. If you are interested in using WebPA or installing it I suggest that you contact the project. If you do take the WebPA tool and use it you could join our list of adopting institutions.

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