Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Over a month...

I just came to write an update to the blog to give you some idea of what is happening with the project and realised it is well over a month since I last posted anything and it is already coming up to the end of the month.

To recap the month just gone will be far to audios for both me as a writer and to you as the reader. Instead I will try to highlight some of the success that we have managed and also cover some of the problems we have encountered.

One of the reasons for not being able to write to this blog as much has steamed from the fact the project has lost a member of the team. Steve has moved on to pastures new and I can be grudge him the opportunity that came up for him. As a result of this loss the project is suffering, hopefully only for the short term. However, Steve has left a couple of elements which he did not have time to finish off to his satisfaction. One of these elements is the production of the case studies. Although Steve managed to get around 14 academics here at Loughborough there are others who could not see him in time. Due to this I have picked the stragglers up and hope to have them done by the end of next week, but the case studies so far are all on the project website (I added the ones Steve completed under his name, there is no way I could take credit for his hard work.)

Before an event in Cardiff set up and run by the Engineering Subject Centre, I met the new Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching, who was interested to hear about the use of WebPA at the University of Wales, Newport. The academic tutor has also been able to provide the project with a case study, although this is not community development in the code side of things it still constitutes (as far as I am concerned) this should count as a success for the project.

Another event, but local to Loughborough University was also a success and for three hours I don't think I got a break from talking about the WebPA tool and its use at Loughborough. I did though find out some interesting ways in which the tool is being used here. Again these are practices that were never considered through out the history of the project.

Finally, we are being invited to some interesting workshops as participants (JISC formative e-assessment 2nd practical Enquiry Day andCommunity Building and Open Source Development Workshop) and some as presenters (Using Technology to Support the Student Learning Experience). As you can imagine the coming month is going to be hectic, with lots to do and places to go. On top of this we will be releasing the next version of WebPA, which will require updates to the user guides for both the installer, administrator and the academic user, so if there is anyone out there who can help, all offers will be considered (of course in an open source way).

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